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Swimming Pool Sand Filter

Pool filter is built to remove fine dirt and debris from pool water,there are several different types in the market and each
performs this function in a different way.Yet sand filter is the most popular one.

Pool sand filters consist of a tank filled with silica sand and a valve on the top or side, and plumbing with slits or slotted holes in the bottom of the tank underneath the sand. Dirty water from the pool is piped to the valve, which spreads the water out across the surface of the sand inside the filter tank.As the water travels down through the sand, all of the dirt in the pool water is left behind trapped in the sand. The clean water at the bottom of the tank is collected by the slotted plumbing,and is piped up the middle of the sand bed and back out the valve on top of the filter to return back to the pool.

Sand filters do not have the best filtering capability, but they are the least expensive type of pool filter and require very little maintenance. Sand pool filters will trap particles of debris as small as 12 "microns" in size, which is adequate for any outdoor swimming pool. The only regular maintenance required for a sand pool filter is a quick cleaning once every week or two. This quick and easy cleaning process is called "backwashing", and basically means reversing the flow of water through the sand filter tank. Instead of flowing down through the filter sand, the water flows up through the sand during backwashing and the dirt that has collected in the sand is carried out of the filter. In addition to backwashing the sand inside the filter tank should be changed out with fresh sand every 2-3 years.

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