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Pool Pump

Pool pump is the heart of your pool's plumbing system. Without it, you won't have any pool circulation, and water won't flow through your filtration system to be properly cleaned. And that means, a dirty, nasty pool full of stagnant water. Basically a cement pond, but one you don't really want to swim in.

The term''pool pump'' is used to describe the entire pump unit, which consists of the electric motor, an ''impeller'' and ''diffuser'' (which actually move the pool water), and the strainer basket and housing that this basket fits down into. A swimming pool pump uses centrifugal force to push pool water, and relies mostly on atmospheric pressure to move water from the swimming pool down the plumbing to the pool pump. Above ground swimming pool pumps are''gravity fed'', and must be installed below the water line of the above ground swimming pool. Because the pool pump is situated below the level of the pool water,atmospheric pressure pushes water down the pipe from the pool to the swimming pump at ground level. The above ground pool pump can then push the pool water through the pool filter and plumbing back to the swimming pool.

Most inground swimming pool pumps are installed above the level of the water inside the swimming pool, up on the decking,or inside an equipment shed near the pool. Before an inground pool pump can be turned on, the plumbing leading from the swimming pool to the pump must be filled with water. This is called "priming" the pool pump. As mentioned above, swimming pool pumps create very little suction to draw water from the pool, up to the pump. Once the pipe from the pool up to the inground pool pump is filled with water, the pool pump can then push the water through the pool filter and plumbing back to the swimming pool. 

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